Student Dress Code

County-Wide Dress Policy

Student Dress

     Students are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate for a learning environment and a school setting. Health, safety, decency, and the prevention of distractions were the primary concerns in the development of the dress code for the Dale County Schools. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in penalties ranging from warning to suspension. In addition, the student will be required to come into compliance before being allowed to attend class or classes.

     No code can be all-inclusive. There may be a situation that arises, which is not covered in this code. In these situations, the principal or his/her designee will deal with these on an individual basis.


Students will not be allowed to wear the following clothing articles or styles to school or engage in certain dress practices:

Pants:  (Boys and Girls)

     1. All pants (including shorts and skirts) will be worn appropriately.

     2. If pants have belt loops, belts will be worn. There will be NO sagging.

     3. No sweat pants, wind suits are permissible.

     4. Pajama style pants are not allowed.

     5. Pants with tears or holes are not allowed.

     6. Pants with writing on the seat are not permissible.



     1. Shorts/Skirts/Skorts will be allowed in grades K-12 under the following guidelines:

          a. While standing in a relaxed position with waistline in proper position, shorts/skirts/skorts must be touching the kneecap.

          b. No gym shorts except during PE

          c. Rules #1-6 above will apply to shorts/skirts/skorts.

          d. Administrative ruling will stand on any questionable shorts/skirts/skorts.

          e. Discipline for shorts/skirts/skorts violation will be addressed in the same manner as any other dress code violation.



For safety reasons, pants, shorts, and skirt pockets must be visible.  Shirt tails must be tucked into pants, shorts, or skirts.

The following types of shirts or tops are not allowed:

     1.  Shirts or tops that expose the midriff when arms are fully extended above the student's head.

     2.  Sleeveless shirts or tops for male students.

     3.  Shirts, tops, or sweaters worn by female students that expose undergarments or are immodest.                      

     4.  Strapless tops, mesh tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops, immodestly tight or revealing tops.  



Clothing, tattoos, or jewelry which contains profane or immoral words or drawings, references to drugs, alcohol, gangs, tobacco products, or any type of distracting or disruptive comments or symbols, are not allowed.

Jewelry/ Accessories:

     1. Facial or tongue jewelry is not allowed.

     2. Earrings or studs are not allowed to be worn by male students.

     3. Dog collars, chains, bracelets with studs or spikes, long and/or heavy necklaces are not allowed.

     4. Jewelry in the mouth or on the teeth, unless prescribed by a physician or dentist, is not allowed.

     5. Excessive ear jewelry is not to be worn by females.


Other clothing related guidelines:

     1. Bandana or gang related clothing, etc... are not allowed. No article of clothing may be worn in a gang related manner (i.e. cocked             caps, towels, rags, strings, etc...).

     2. Caps, hats, sweatbands, scarves, or other similar headwear are not allowed to be worn inside the building unless prescribed by a               physician. (Caps may be worn outside            with bill forward).

     3. Sunglasses are not allowed to be worn inside the building unless prescribed by a physician.

     4. Combs, hair picks, hair socks or other curlers are not allowed to be worn.

     5. Hairstyles or hair color that cause distractions to the learning environment are not allowed.

     6. Suspender straps must be worn on the shoulder as designed.

     7. Belts must be fastened and positioned completely within the belt loops with no excess belt hanging down.

     8. Trench coats/Long coats are not allowed.



     1. Shoes must be worn at all times.

     2. Bedroom shoes/house slippers or flip- flops are not allowed.

     3. Shoes must be velcroed or tied at all times.


Discipline for Dress Code Violations

Dress Violation


* 1st Offense


2nd Offense

Corporal pun., detention, or ISS/parent con.

3rd Offense

Saturday School

4th Offense

OSS - 1 day

Additional Offenses

OSS - up to 3 days


* Students will be sent home when corrections cannot be made at school.